Complaints and dispute resolution guide





We do our best to provide a high level of service, but sometimes you may feel an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction.


We have a free complaints and dispute resolution procedure that you can use.


What is a complaint?


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to us, related to our products, or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is expected.


How the procedure works


Step 1              How to make a complaint


In most cases your complaint can be settled to your satisfaction simply by making us aware of it. You can raise these complaints with our staff in person or by telephone or in writing by letter, fax, memo, e-mail etc.


If the staff member is unable by reasons of authority or experience to handle the matter they will refer your complaint to a more senior or experienced person. At this stage, in most cases your complaint will be dealt with promptly and to your satisfaction and you will not need additional assistance.  


Step 2              Recording your complaint


All complaints and disputes will be recorded in our Complaints Register. Where a complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction immediately, you might have to answer some questions and complete a complaint form so that our management can properly investigate the complaint. If you need assistance completing the form, our staff can help you. When receiving a verbal complaint, the staff member will complete the details of the complaint in the register on your behalf. The staff member will then read the entry in the register to you and ask you to confirm that it is accurate.


Step 3              Notification


Where the staff member cannot immediately settle the complaint we will acknowledge receipt of it to you in writing within 2 working days. We will also advise you in writing of the procedures for investigating and handling your complaint.  




Step 4              Investigation


Your dispute will then be fully investigated by our Director and a decision made on the matter. You can contact our Director as follows:



Kevin Fisher


5/53 York Street, Beenleigh


07 3807 9366


07 3807 9377



Step 5              How you will be informed of the outcome


In most cases we will tell you the outcome in writing within 5 working days. Should there be exceptional circumstances causing a delay we will advise you. But, even in the most complex matters, the dispute should be resolved in a maximum of 14 working days.


Step 6              External dispute resolution


If you are still not satisfied, you can go to our free external dispute resolution scheme. We are a member of the Credit and Investment Ombudsman (CIO). CIO is an external dispute resolution scheme approved by ASIC.


Here are the contact details for CIO:


Credit and Investment Ombudsman


1800 138 422 or 02 9273 8400



02 9273 8440


PO Box A252 Sydney South NSW 1235




If your dispute involves privacy issues and has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you will be referred to the Privacy Commissioner.


Here are the contact details for the Privacy Commissioner:


Privacy Commissioner


1300 363 992


1800 620 241 (this number is dedicated for the hearing impaired only, no voice calls)


Translating and Interpreting Service: 131 450


GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001


+61 2 9284 9666




Details of how you can access these services will also be given to you when you are advised of the outcome of our investigation.


Step 7              After we respond


Our Complaints Register will be updated showing the result. Wherever appropriate, our policies, systems and procedures will be adjusted and staff counselled or provided with additional training.


Things you should know


If your complaint involves EFT transactions or privacy issues, the procedures may vary if the complaint is not immediately resolved. This is because more specific legislation or codes of practice may apply.  


You are not obliged to pursue a dispute with us using our internal complaints and dispute resolution procedure. If you use the procedure, you may commence legal proceedings before, after or at the same time.


Our participation in the procedure is not a waiver of any rights we may have under the law, or under any contract between you and us, and this guide is not a contract between you and us.




There is no charge for this guide or for you using our internal or external complaints and dispute resolution procedure.


However, our standard fees and charges may apply for making copies of documents or for retrieval of documents from archives, where requested by you.


Appendix 3

Complaint form




Complaint form

Please complete all the details below to assist us to deal with your complaint. If you need assistance completing this form, please ask us for help. We can assist you.


Information about you

Your name



Your address



Your phone number



Your email address



If someone is acting on your behalf in this matter, please provide their name and contact details here



Your loan account number



Tell us about the problem

What happened?






When did it happen?



What do you want done to resolve this?



If there are any relevant documents, please attach them to this form









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