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BBQ's - Rent to Own

BBQ's - Rent to Own   Looking to host a huge barbecue without having to stress? No problem! We can get you a fabulous new barbecue right now. At Rent to Own, you can get your own Weber or Beefeater barbecue in no time at all. Simply rent it out and after 24 months, you will own your brand new barbecue.   Become the grill king or queen and become a master of outdoor entertainment with a BBQ with all the latest features.   Below are the models we currently stock. If you would prefer a different model, please contact your nearest store for a quote. Call us and ask our team for any help you need or for product information. We’re happy to provide any assistance you need.

BeefEater 5 Burner with Side Burner

$22 per week

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Weber Family Q BBQ

$19 per week

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Weber Q Package

$15 per week

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