Our standard term is 24 months. Some pre- rented items are listed for shorter terms. The contract term for each product is displayed in the product description.

Applications can be made online, over the phone or in store. To apply online click on the add to cart button next to the product/s that you are interested in. Once you have selected your products click on the cart and proceed to the application.

We don’t require any deposit and delivery and installation of your new product is free.

For the application we will need to collect the following documents from you depending on your situation:

  1. 90 day bank statement
  2. Detailed Income and Asset Statement (if receiving Centrelink Entitlements)
  3. Identification (we generally collect your id on delivery)

We may also need additional documents if your finances are difficult to verify.

Once we have collected your financial documents the application can generally be completed over the phone, taking approximately 5-10 minutes.

Rental payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct transfer, direct debit or if you receive a Centrelink entitlement Centrepay may be available.

You may make us an offer at any time, we may accept or decline your offer at our absolute discretion.

No later than 90 days before the expiry date of the agreement we will contact you and provide you with relevant information about the lease and in this communication, we will ask you whether you would like to own the product at the end of the agreement.  The law enables us to offer to you to acquire the leased goods from us but only in the last 90 days of the agreement.  Generally speaking, under a lease you have no right or obligation to buy the goods upon expiry of the lease. If you indicate you would like to own the product and on the assumption that you are not in default under the agreement, you will be able to make us an offer to purchase the leased item from us.  Generally, we accept offers of $1 for the product, but acceptance of any offer is at our absolute discretion.

We currently service all area’s within a 100km radius of either of our two stores (Beenleigh and Morayfield in Queensland)

Generally customers who rely on Pensions and or the Family Tax Benefit are eligible to apply. Unfortunately customers who rely on Allowances like Newstart, Austudy, Youth Allowance are ineligible at this time.

A lease agreement is a fixed term fixed repayments agreement pursuant to which you rent household products/goods from us and pay for such usage by regular fixed lease repayments.  The contract is a credit contract regulated under the National Consumer credit Protection Act 2010 which means that the agreement and our relationship is heavily scrutinised and regulated by the corporate regulator ASIC.  Because you are leasing the product from us, we must repair the product if it breaks down.  Please see the section titled the Benefits of Renting with Us.

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How to Get Started

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Simply choose the product you want by hitting the ‘add to cart’ button. Once you have all the product you want in the cart continue to the application.  Once submitted you should  hear from us within 2 business hours.
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Set up

Once approved we will make an appointment for the delivery of your products. We might even be able to get there today! (1-2 business days on average). The contract will be signed on delivery.
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Your product will be delivered with basic setup included free of charge. We will demonstrate how to use the product and answer any questions you have. You can use the product with peace of mind knowing that if you have any trouble help is only a phone call away.

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