Question 2

Both contracts are for a period of 24 months. Under a Rent to Own contract you will own the goods outright after completing the two year contract. Under a Lease contract you will not automatically own the product at the end of the contract. Under a lease you have no right or obligation to buy the goods upon expiry of the lease. Once you are approximately 90 days from the end of the agreement we will contact you to find out if you would like to own the product at the end of the agreement. If you indicate you would like to own the product you will be able to make us an offer to purchase the items from us. Generally we accept offers of $5 for the product, but acceptance of any offer is at our absolute discretion.
Generally customers who rely on Pensions and or the Family Tax Benefit are eligable to apply.Unfortunately customers who rely on Allowances like Newstart, Austudy, Youth Allowance are ineligible at this time.
We currently service all area's within a 100km radius of either of our two stores (Beenleigh and Morayfield in Queensland)
Once the final payment has been received by us, the goods will be yours.
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