Washing Machines

Common questions and things to consider regarding renting a washing machine or dryer from us:

If you would like to view our range of washing machines for rental or rent a clothes dryer, please view our range here: https://renttoown.com.au/product-category/appliances/laundry-appliances/  
  1. How much washing does your family do? We have a range rental washing machines and dryers to choose from depending on your requirements. From small washing machines to large family sized washing machines. Even if you are single or a couple you may benefit from a larger machine if you like to wash blankets and other heavy items. If you do a lot of washing a larger washing machine is likely to be more convenient cutting down on the number of loads required to wash all your laundry, saving time, power and water.
  2. How much space do you have in your laundry? If you are limited on space, you may find renting a front load washing machine and dryer to be convenient. In this situation the dryer can often be stacked on top of the washing machine. If you have limited mobility, consider whether loading and unloading the front load washing machine will cause you any trouble.
  3. How often do you use your dryer? Tumble dryers consume a lot of electricity. If using daily a heat pump clothes dryer may save you a significant amount of money on power. However, this style of dryer is significantly dearer. So, a tumble dryer is worth considering if only used occasionally but a heat pump dryer is worth considering if used often. A tumble dryer also requires good ventilation as it pumps hot humid air into the room while drying. A heat pump dryer does not pump hot air into the room so requires less ventilation.
  4. Are the rental appliances brand new? All our rental products are brand new unless otherwise stated.
  5. My old washing machine is heavy and I’m not sure how to disconnect it: We can disconnect your old appliance and remove it from the laundry for you. We can place it outside in a location which is out of the way.
  6. Can you take my old appliance away? Unfortunately, we cannot take your old appliance away.
  7. Does my rental washing machine or dryer come with insurance? No, our rental products do not come with insurance, they are in your home at your risk. We strongly recommend that our customers have contents insurance with fusion and accidental breakage cover. 
  8. If something goes wrong with my washing machine or dryer rental product, what do I do? Contact your store asap, we can offer technical assistance and if required organise repairs. We can often provide a loan unit while your product is awaiting repairs.
  9. What if I no longer need the washing machine or dryer I have been renting? The rental washing machine or dryer can be returned at any time for any reason. So long as it is in good condition, fair wear and tear accepted the only cost on returning the product would be any overdue rental repayments. If the product is damaged or heavily soiled, additional fees will apply.
  10. Cost: Renting is significantly more expensive over the long run when compared to purchasing outright. But customers may find renting more convenient for several reasons, like no upfront cost, weekly or fortnightly repayments, customer care for the duration of the agreement, free delivery and installation. As this style of agreement is significantly more expensive when compared to purchasing from a retail store, customers should consider their needs, objectives and financial situations before applying for rental products.
  11. How do I apply? Applications can be made via our website. To apply hit the add to cart button on the desired product/s. Once the product/s are in the cart you can check out, you will then be directed to the application form.
  If you would like to rent a washing machine or are interested in dryer rentals and need assistance with which product is right for you or you have any questions, please contact your nearest store via phone or email and we will happily assist you. Our contact details can be found here https://renttoown.com.au/contact-us/   If you would like to view our range of washing machines for rental or rent a clothes dryer, please view our range here: https://renttoown.com.au/product-category/appliances/laundry-appliances/