Who are we?

Rent-to-Own Home Appliances is an innovative player making waves in the Australian business landscape. It first opened its first store back in 2001, in Beenleigh, and the second one popped up five years later, in Morayfield. 

The company since then delivered thousands of products to households in the area spanning 100 km radius of either of these two stores. Today, it is a leading Australian supplier in South-East Queensland, a go-to place for those seeking to rent appliances and other home goods. 

What Is Rent-To-Own All About? 

When shopping around for home products, modern consumers typically have two options: to rent or purchase. But, Rent to Own aims to bridge the chasm between financial reality and ownership goals. It champions a novelty business model: it offers renters a chance to avoid steep upfront payments and still get onto the property ladder. Namely, you are able to get the best of both worlds without sacrificing anything. And it is no scheme— there are many satisfied customer raving about Rent to Own online and its service. 

Furthermore, there are several benefits of opting for this brand. First off, you do not have to worry about extra costs or delivery in case you want to rent TV and other bulky equipment. Secondly, the product palette is wide and encompasses a variety of home equipment and new furniture. Thirdly, the application process is simple and straightforward: you pick a product and then sign a no-deposit contract. Once all payments have been made, the product is yours. 

And make no mistake: offered products are brand new and high quality. Some of the most popular items are TVs, audio systems, white appliances, fitness equipment, computers, and household furniture pieces. You can see that they bear logos of renowned brands such as ASUS, LG, and Samsung. Not only that, but they are all linked to flexible contracts and payment terms, which we will discuss in the following section. 

Terms & Conditions 

The great thing about Rent-to-Own is that there is no upfront deposit requirement and no residual once to contract comes to an end. Products are offered via 12 or 24-month contracts that feature reasonable weekly, fortnightly, or monthly rates. The price to rent appliances varies depending on the particular product you choose. For example, the weekly rate for refrigerators starts at $9.50, while smaller appliances start at $4/week. Naturally, big furniture pieces cost the most, up to $55. 

Approval is fast and should not take more than an hour. Delivery time is 48 hours (two business days) and it is also free of charge. The same goes for installation of products, which is handled by trained staff. At the end of the contract, the goods are transferred to customer’s possession, but those who want to purchase a product before that can make an offer. This offer is subject to absolute discretion on the part of Rent to Own representatives. 

Customers who rely on Centrelink Entitlements are eligible to apply and rent appliances, which cannot be said about those who want to finance through Allowances (Youth Allowance as well as Aus Study, and NewStart). Note that full loan terms and conditions are available online, so review them. “Things You Need to Know” section of the website (https://renttoown.com.au) is particularly useful as well and it includes materials such as Credit Guide and Privacy Policy. 

How To Go About Renting? 

Applications for contractual agreements can be submitted online (“Apply Now” button next to products), in stores, or via phone (07 5428 3622 and 07 3807 9366). To get approved, you need to provide photo ID, one extra form of ID, as well as basic financial information. 

The official company website allows you to browse four main product categories: appliances, computing, household furniture, outdoors, and TV and audio-visual. Each category contains more than one subcategory. For example, household furniture is divided into bedroom furniture, mattresses, lounges, nursery & kids, and timber & furniture. Bear in mind that some categories like computers only have a handful of products, while others are teeming with offers.