Author - Joel

Common questions and things to consider regarding renting a television from us:

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    1. What size tv should I pick? A lot of customers simply pick the biggest tv, which is not always the best option. You should consider the size of your room and how close to the tv you will be sitting. If you are sitting close to the television, you will most likely find a smaller tv more enjoyable to watch. Also consider the size of your tv unit, your tv unit should be slightly wider than the width of your television to make it less likely to get bumped and broken.
    2. What would happen if the television were to get broken or stolen during the rental term? The rental products are in your home at your risk. Having contents insurance with accidental breakage and fusion cover is strongly recommended. 
    3. What features would you like on your new TV Rental? All our rental Televisions are smart tv’s now days with most models also being 4k Ultra High Definition. Smart TV’s have come along way over the past few years. They come with many cool features like, Google TV platform which allows for many apps to be downloaded from the Google Play Store like: Netflix, Stan, Disney Plus, Amazon Plus, Paramount Plus, Spotify, YouTube and many more apps, Chromecast Built-in, Catch-up TV and more.
    4. What if I don’t like my new tv rental or I no longer need it? Under the terms and conditions of the rental agreement your rental tv can be returned at any time so long as it is in good working condition fair wear and tear accepted. In the event the rented TV is returned in good working order the only cost would be any overdue rental repayments. If the television is heavily soiled or damaged, additional fees will apply.
    5. Are the rental televisions brand new? All our rental tv’s are brand new unless otherwise stated.
    6. Cost: Renting is significantly more expensive over the long run when compared to purchasing outright. But customers may find renting more convenient for several reasons, like no upfront cost, weekly or fortnightly repayments, customer care for the duration of the agreement, free delivery and installation. As this style of agreement is significantly more expensive when compared to purchasing from a retail store, customers should consider their needs, objectives and financial situations before applying for rental products.
    7. How do I apply? Applications can be made via our website. To apply hit the add to cart button on the desired product/s. Once the product/s are in the cart you can check out, you will then be directed to the application form.
If you would like to view our range of rental televisions, please click here:   If you would like to rent a tv and need assistance with which television rental is right for you or you have any questions, please contact your nearest store via phone or email and we will happily assist you. Our contact details can be found here