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Treadmills - Rent to Own

Treadmills - Rent to Own A treadmill is a must-have piece of gym equipment. It’s great for cardio, basic fitness, and self-managing your workouts.  The main problem for most people is all those upfront costs. At Rent to Own, you can get a brand new BODYWORX treadmill for a few dollars a week. And after 24 months, it’s yours to own.    Our BODYWORX treadmills are state of the art and are made for a great work out. With no more to pay after the rental period ends, they’re a great deal, too.    Below are some of the models we stock. If you would prefer a different model, please contact your nearest store for a quote. If you need more information about treadmills or rental appliances, just call us.

BODYWORX Treadmill

$21.00 per week

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