Multi-Lever Home Gym

2 Year Contract

Includes 100KG Weight Pack

Exercises: Bench Press (flat/ incline/ decline), shoulder press, lat pull- down, seated cable row, shrugs, squats, cable triceps push down, cable bicep curl, leg extension, lying leg curl

Double Sealed Bearings on Pivot Points provide Smooth Movement

Wheels on Bench for Convenient Transportation

Heavy Duty Construction bears Serious Users - (2.75 mm Tube on Lat)

Vinyl Cover on Arm Handles & Foam Roll on Squat Bar provide a comfortable Feeling

Double Stitched durable Upholstery

Flat, Incline, Decline Position for the Bench

Lock Pin on the Leg Developer for Leg Holder Usage

210 cm (L) x 141 cm (W) x 216 cm (H)